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Are you a discriminating webmaster who wants to send your visitors to one of the net's most acclaimed and highly respected gay erotica sites?

Or maybe you're just a low-down smut peddling traffic wizard who knows a hardcore gem when he sees one.

Either way you'll love Nightcharm's Inner Circle. We've been online for over a decade and we cover the waterfront on smart, horny, hot 'n juicy online gay porn.

We've been featured on Oprah, TechTV, The Stranger and Unzipped. And there's a good reason: Gay dudes love us — they really, really love us.

Questions and Answers

What Will I Be Paid?

You make 50% of every sign-up you refer...plus 50% for every recurring sale for the LIFE of that membership!

That means if someone joins the Inner Circle through your affiliate link, you will make 50% of that sale. When that membership rolls over to another month at $23.95, you will make 50% of that roll over. And so it goes, for the life of that member's subscription to the Inner Circle. Nice, eh?

When Do I Get Paid?

Nightcharm's Inner Circle pays you twice a month (on the 1st and the 15th of each month). There is a $25.00 minimum per check, per pay period -- so if your commission is less than $25.00, that amount will be rolled over into the next pay period, until you reach the $25.00 minimum.

Checks are mailed on time, without delay. You can always check your affiliate stats which are updated in real-time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Our affiliate payments are processed by Credit Card Billing Co. (CCBILL)

What kind of webmaster support do you offer?

We have a resource section on this site with links and help on helping get the word out about your site, getting traffic and making you more money each month. We also send out a monthly webmasters newsletter with info on our site updates and helpful ways for you to promote the site. Plus you can contact us any time if you need assistance.

What does the members area look like?

If you're not already a member, we suggest that you join. However, for a peek, just check out these shots:

Sample Sample Sample

Are there any restrictions on the way I can promote?

We have very few restrictions on how you can promote. Newsgroups, Email, Consoles, and Pop-Ups are all allowable. Blind links and re-directs are not. We only ask that you use good judgement when sending out e-mails and/or using pop-up windows.

How in the fuck do I sign up?

See below, tiger.

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Signing Up is So Simple

It really is easy. Here's what you do:

  1. Click the CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT button below. And then fill out the sign-up page. Be sure to write down the password you create for yourself, because you'll need that for step 2.
  2. Check your e-mail. A short note from CCBill will arrive with a URL to your Account Administrative Page. Click on that URL and use your password to log in, and you'll be taken to the next screen: Referral Master Administration. Click on GET BANNERS & HTML.
  3. This will take you to a version of the Inner Circle Banner Collection with YOUR UNIQUE HTML LINK CODE at the top of the screen. Your Link HTML code will look something like this sample:

  4. Use YOUR unique HTML link code on all of the banners you choose to place on your site for the Inner Circle. In the above sample, where the numbers are in red, you will want to make note of those five digits -- those numbers are your special ID code that is used to track your hits and sign- ups to the Inner Circle.
  5. Download banners from our banner collection and link the banner(s) to your unique partner program URL (detailed in step 3, above).
  6. Please serve all banners from your servers...no hotlinking. Hotlinkers will be banned from the program and not be paid. You can place our banners on as many pages on your site as you'd like. The higher you place the banner on the page, the more sales you will generate. Put the banner on high traffic pages for best results!
  7. That's all there is to it!

Yes, I want to join the Nightcharm Partners Program

And I'm ready to

Already a CCBill client? Load your current data below.

Current ID

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By registering as a webmaster in the Nightcharm Partners Program, you are stating that you have read and agree to our Terms of Service.

Banner Selections

Here are your banners to download and use for advertising with Nightcharm's Inner Circle Partners Program.

When you find a banner you would like to use, simply right mouse click on the image to save it to your computer. Never under any circumstances should you hotlink these banners. If you are caught hotlinking, your account will be terminated immediately, and you will lose any recurrings! Boo hoo!

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Terms of Use

Our Obligations and Responsibilities:

  1. Provide services as promised in advertising campaigns from authorized Nightcharm Inner Circle material to customers referred by you.
  2. Handle all customer service, site updates, site design, and server maintenance to purchasing customers.
  3. Pay all registered advertisers 50% commission on all sales using authorized advertising techniques.
  4. Real time statistics of sales to all registered advertisers are provided online.
  5. Nightcharm and Nightcharm's Inner Circle are not responsible for any downtime due to server maintenance, Internet weather, or other related Internet problems.
  6. This agreement can be terminated by Nightcharm's Inner Circle and/or CCBill at anytime.
  7. If you do not fulfill your obligations and responsibilities all commissions may be forfeited by the officers of Nightcharm and/or Nightcharm's Inner Circle.
  8. Chargebacks, returned checks and membership refunds (when they occur) are also split (50% each) between Nightcharm, Inc. and authorized advertiser.
  9. Nightcharm's Inner Circle and/or CCBill hold the right to change payout (increase or decrease) at anytime with a 7 day notification period.

Registered Advertiser's Obligations and Responsibilities:

  1. Should you decide to create your own banners or advertising material, all promotion material must be authorized by Nightcharm Inner Circle officers in writing, via e-mail. If unauthorized material is used you will forfeit all commissions unpaid.
  2. You are not obligated to promote Nightcharm's Inner Circle after registration. Should you change your mind just drop us a note so we can remove your name and ID code from our data bank.
  3. You may promote Nightcharm's Inner Circle on any number of sites. Your sales will be tracked via your specific account number and not based upon site URL.
  4. Nightcharm Inner Circle and/or CCBill, is not liable for any litigation of unauthorized advertising techniques. You may be held liable of $10,000+ for using any illegal material in advertising efforts should Nightcharm or Nightcharm's Inner Circle be prosecuted for said material.

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